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Por Eso New Tango From The Belgian Shores
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New tango from the Belgian shores

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No music genre appeals to the imagination as much as the tango. It is permeated with passion, a universal music of life that is made for dance and is a game of resistance and surrender to love.

The concert "Por Eso" by the Belgian ensemble Tango 02 with exclusively new compositions is entirely in line with the character of tango music from the Rio de la Plata, the Buenos Aires region and Montevideo: urban popular dance music with often a touch of stubbornness and (self)mockery. However, Tango 02 approaches the genre with a view from the other side of the ocean with elements from jazz and contemporary music.

Why? Therefore! Or in Spanish: ¡Por eso!


Or also: just like that, because the inspiration and energy was there and Tango 02 wants to share the resulting music with the general public. Because the melancholy tones of the bandoneon combined with the fiery and stirring rhythms will leave no one unmoved.

Let yourself be seduced by our show


About Tango 02

Tango 02

Many in the tango scene remember Pato Lorente as a flautist/bandoneonist in Alfredo Marcucci's Orquesta Veritango, with whom he played in concerts and milongas throughout Europe for fifteen years. Alfredo Marcucci himself was a member of the Julio De Caro and Carlos Di Sarli orchestras in the 1940s and 1950s.

Since the death of Maestro Marcucci in 2010, Pato Lorente has not stood still artistically and, in 2022, he released an album containing exclusively new tango compositions, recorded by the Belgian ensemble Tango 02, founded 25 years ago by Pato Lorente. The aim is to add a Belgian chapter to the music history of Tango Rioplatense genre: passionate urban folk music with a touch of self-mockery. Around this album, Tango 02 has developed a tango concert entitled 'Por Eso'. The Argentine dancer and choreographer Cristina Cortés joins this project. She specialized in the fusion of tango and contemporary dance and was part of A.M. Stekelman's Tangokinesis Company, a pioneer in this type of fusion in the 90's.

The ensemble premiered the show in November 2022 at Flagey's Studio 1 in Brussels, Belgium. Tango 02 also played the concert at the Handelsbeurs in Ghent (B) and at the CC Ter Diflt in Bornem (B), as well as in Liège and Soignies.

In addition, Tango 02 can count on the cooperation of the Argentinian bandoneonist Orlando Dibelo, who has a long career and was part of José Basso's orchestra and the Roberto Firpo Quartet. Both, also, dating from the golden age of tango (the 40s and 50s). 

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Pato Lorente

Pato Lorente

Benoit Leseure

Benoit Leseure

Pieter Baert

Pieter Baert

Ignaas Vermeiren

Ignaas Vermeiren

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